Communicate with Coccinella

Coccinella is a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people.

  1. Communicate with Whiteboard

    Sketch to explain your words. Collaborate on diagrams. Enter mathematical formulas like on paper. Draw together for fun. You decide how you visually communicate.

    Coccinella whiteboard communication

  2. Communicate with Voice

    Handsfree communication for people who love multitasking. Discuss while working together in the whiteboard. Make a call while working on a document. It is all possible.

    Coccinella voice communication

  3. Communicate with Documents

    Exchange your documents using fast file transfer. Send files in real-time to your contacts.

    Coccinella file transfer

  4. Communicate with Multiple People

    Chat with multiple people in a virtual room. Team up in a multi-user whiteboard session.

    Coccinella Group Communication

  5. Communicate with Presence

    See who is available for communication. See which communication channels you can use. See what your contacts are doing. See their emotions.

    Coccinella Rich Presence Communication

  6. Communicate with Everybody

    Instant message with people on all legacy chat systems. Interact with people using interoperable instant messaging software based on the industry-standard XMPP protocol, including Google Talk, Apple iChat and Nokia Chat.


  7. Some Other Features

    • Portable Coccinella on USB stick
    • Multi-lingual and internationalized
    • Plugin system
    • MeBeam plugin
    • Search people in dictionary
    • Avatars and emoticons
    • Themes
    • Secured connections (TLS and SASL)
    • GPLv3 license
    • QuickTime integration in whiteboard (Mac OS X and Windows)
    • Text-to-speech (Mac OS X and Windows)
    • Compression support to save bandwidth
    • Proxy support
    • Contact actions (buddy pounces)
    • Innovative auto-away features
    • Logout on laptop sleep (Mac OS X)


The Coccinella Team consists of the following people:


  • Czech
    • David Štancl <david.stancl at seznam.cz>
  • Danish
    • Mogens Pedersen <Mogens.Pedersen at skolekom.dk>
  • German
    • Hermann J. Beckers <hj.beckers at onlinehome.de>
  • Spanish
    • César Alcalde <lambda512 at gmail.com>
    • Agustin Vericat <agustin at grupoikusnet.com>
    • Antonio F. Cano <antonio at grupoikusnet.com>
    • Néstor Díaz <n3storm at grupoikusnet.com>
  • French
    • Nicolas Vérité <nicolas.verite at gmail.com>
  • Italian
    • Mirko Graziani <contatto at imatica.it>
  • Korean
    • Dylan Park, Korea NVC Center <hanmaum AT krnvc.org>
  • Dutch
    • Sander Devrieze <sander at sanderdevrieze.net>
    • Bart Van Hove <bartvanhove at skynet.be>
  • Polish
    • Zbigniew Baniewski <zb at ispid.com.pl>
  • Portuguese
    • Paulo Oliveira <paulo.ferraz.oliveira at gmail.com>
  • Rusian
    • Alexander Balezin <gescheit at list.ru>
  • Swedish
  • Simplified Chinese
    • Jinhua Lv <lvjinhua at gmail.com>
    • Zhenzhen Wang ming luo <roli1235 at gmail.com>



  • Antonio F. Cano <antonio at grupoikusnet.com>

Founder and former maintainer


  • Sander Devrieze <sander at sanderdevrieze.net>