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Issues in Third Party Software

This page is to track issues with third-party software that have negative consequences for users who are using Coccinella. Issues may be trivial usability problems, critical compliance bugs, strange behaviour, crashes, amongst others. The final goal is to get these issues fixed in the third party software so that Coccinella users can benefit from a better end user experience.

Software Problem Cause
PyMSNt Ugly MSN JIDs in Coccinella's GUI Lacks support for XEP-0106: JID Escaping
Tlen Transport Tlen not available as option when adding contact Patch to fix wrong disco of Tlen transport
jGGtrans Automatic login does not work ?
JJIGW Wrong disco registrar type: 'x-irc' instead of 'irc' Patch to fix wrong disco of JJIGW transport