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Whiteboard and chat - inviting multiple people


We are using google-talk server with Coccinella.

We are unable to start a conversation inviting multiple person.

We also like multiple person to share a whiteboard in our remote development discussion.

How can I achieve the above?



The Google Talk server does not support Multi-User Chat. If you want to chat with multiple people at the same time you need to tell Coccinella the address of a server that does support Multi-User Chat. You can do it like this:

  1. Log in to your Google Talk account using Coccinella
  2. Press Ctrl+D (or Command+D on Mac OS X) to open the Discover Server dialog
  3. Enter a server that supports Multi-User Chat or select one from the dropdown list (e.g.
  4. Check the option Discover permanently to automatically discover this server each time Coccinella is started
  5. Inviting contacts will now work