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Coccinella doesn't remember login settings


I am having a very annoying problem with the last stable coccinella: 0.96.8
under Linux.
It doesn't remember login settings. Every time I run the client it remembers
to automatically login but doesn't remember that I unchecked password
scrambling and to use SASL+TLS. Login fails I go to the login settings and
then all works.
Even more surprising is that when I press logout and then login again
it doesn't remember the setting too....

Is there any way to force it to use specific settings during authentication?

Artur Hefczyc


It looks like I found a solution. Manually edited the configuration file and added -digest 0 -secure 1 to my server profile. It works, not very convenient though.

Actually it is no bug but feature. There are several things where the profiles and loggin dialog can be made better though. See also this discussion (especially my large comment in it):

PS: the development version already asks if you want to save changes if you edited a profile in the Login dialog. Can you try the daily build to see if that is better? Feedback welcome.

Just checked in several fixes for soving login options and possible create a new profile directly from the login dialog: You should now be able to do everything you can do from the "Edit Profiles" dialog except removing a profile. This should be a step towards merging these two dialogs.