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Coccinella 0.96.10 Released

The Coccinella project is pleased to announce today the immediate availability of Coccinella 0.96.10, a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people. This second synchronized release introduces major visual improvements including the Oxygen icon theme and the new control panel with slots in the main window.

Other highlights of Coccinella 0.96.10 include:

  • Search people slot
  • Improved integration of User Mood and User Activity (more services add support for this)
  • Faster application startup
  • Editing and creating profiles in the login window
  • Experimental support for chat styles using Tkhtml3, a web rendering engine which probably beats the whole WebKit browser family in speed and file size (PS: this sexy project written in C needs a new developer!)

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Very cool release! How do you turn on the styled chats?

There is some option in the preferences and you'll have to install a theme in your local chat styles directory. Remember that this is very experimental and in most cases will look ugly due to Tkhtml3's limited rendering capabilities.