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VoIP service provider?

Hello. I would like to replace Skype with a free software alternative. I want VoIP that I can trust.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but Coccinella (and for that matter Ekiga, Twinkle, QuteCom, etc) is just a client and it is basically useless without a service provider, right? Well, where do I get a service provider?

The websites for Coccinella, Ekiga, Twinke and QuteCom all talk about technology, and clients, and throw acronyms like SIP and talk about RFC this, or protocol that, but none of these seem to describe how you can actually use the software to call your girlfriend or your boss.

I am a technical user, but in this instance I really don't want to learn about protocols or SIP that or the other. I just want to call up my boss, sketch ideas using the white-board feature, and just get on with my work, but I'd rather not be stuck with a proprietary secret product. Is there any hope for me?


You need an XMPP server which you can run locally. Does this help you?

I think that helps. Does this mean that Coccinella can do VoIP through Jabber? I didn't know that Jabber supported voice. I thought Jabber was only a chat protocol.

Can I just any regular Jabber account for this? If my boss and I go to and setup accounts there, will that allow us to chat with Coccinella?


Yes, VoIP is done using Jingle. If you want to use Coccinella at work, you best deploy a server in your network or contact a service provider to deploy a server for you. In this way you will have more control over the quality of the service and in addition your contact ID can sound like "[email protected]".

I am a service provider for VOIP and can give you an account also can give you an International number too.
The international number is new service you can used your number from any country.
You can write an email to me [email protected]

where in coccinella the fields I can enter the setting for voip service??


the IAX phone is not enabled in the binaries of Coccinella. but you can do so when you run from sources.

We think about enabling the IAX phone via the plugins, but that is not yet thought through an end yet ;)

to enable the IAX Phone configuration you have to uncomment the following lines in:
#::hooks::register prefsBuildHook ::IaxPrefs::BuildPrefsHook
#::hooks::register prefsSaveHook ::IaxPrefs::SavePrefsHook
#::hooks::register prefsCancelHook ::IaxPrefs::CancelPrefsHook
#::hooks::register prefsUserDefaultsHook ::IaxPrefs::UserDefaultsHook

and if you need to choose the codecs and/or sound device you have to uncomment in the same file:
#$wnb add [DevicesFrame $] -text [mc "Devices"]
#$wnb add [CodecsFrame $] -text [mc "Codecs"]

And to acutally use the codecs you select you have to uncomment the following from the
#iaxclient::formats $codec

Then I actually was able to call myself on the cellphone from coccinella. I connected it to my asterisk which has a SIP account configured. I had to choose a different codec because my SIP provider doesn't support the default speex.



I just enabled the IAX Phone in Coccinella.
I tested it on Linux and OpenBSD and it works fine as a client on my Asterisk.

The phone and address book tabs only show up when you have setup an account in the IAX Phone preferences, and Coccinella is able to connect to your Asterisk PBX.

To disable the IAX Phone completely, including the Phone preferences, it can be disabled in the Plugins menu.


I do not have an Asterisk installation and I do not see an option in the plugins dialog to show the IAX Phone stuff. Is it normal that the option is not showed when no Asterisk server is found? Or may this be another issue? (I am currently testing on Linux)


under Info -> Plugins, there are the following VoIP related plugins:
IAX: for the JivePhone via XMPP
Phone: for the IAX Client

Disabling the Phone will disable the preferences section of the IAX Phone stuff.
The Phone tab and address book tab in the roster only show up when the IAX client successfully registered to the Asterisk PBX, otherwise they are not shown.

You can contact me privately and I can give you a test account on my asterisk if you like.



I checked out a clean svn and started coccinella, and it immediately logged in to my Asterisk PBX and showed the phone and address book tabs. Then closing it, and starting the downloaded binary from today with the same configuration, it did not showed the Phone and address book tabs. With tcpdump I could see no real difference between both startups, it connected and got answers back from the PBX. This somehow remembers me what I saw on OpenBSD. There I installed tcl/tk usually without threading support, and the behavior was the same, after reinstalling tcl/tk with thread support, the phone tab showed up, and I was able to make calls.

Need to test on the Windows box when I have time.


I tested on Windows 2000 (Virtualbox). The phone stuff seems to be visible. So, there are only issues on Linux. During this testing I found a bug though:
1) Uncheck the IAX, Phone and JivePhone plugins.
2) Save and restart Coccinella.
3) Log on and restart Coccinella.
4) Open the plugins dialog: the IAX, Phone and JivePhone plugins are checked again whilst they were disabled by the user!

Other suggestion: maybe instructions for FreeSWITCH should be added to the FAQ?

Great that it works for you on Windows 2000. I tested on XP, and the phone tabs did not showed up, no idea why. In the Asterisk console I've seen the phone was connected. I'm a bit puzzled now since I thought I'd see the same on all Windows systems.
I thought the problem has sth. to do with how the library is compiled, especially with regard to threading. I unwrapped the Binary, and then ldd showed me that it is linked against libpthread, so threading is there.
The pkgIndex.tcl file in bin/unix/Linux/i686/ different from the one that I have installed here, so I changed it to match mine.

For windows XP, I diffed the iaxclient.tcl file, and the only difference that I saw was a comment regarding XP and one line changed, so I copied the file I have here on my system to the windows binary.

I'll try the source on XP probably today, and see what happens, and will retest the binaries tomorrow.

Sander, do you can also test this on your Macintosh?

Sander, do you have an account on FreeSwitch? If so, I think it would be a good idea if you could add instructions as an example to the FAQ.


Change in pkgIndex.tcl file: it seems to work, but it causes sound to be broken "PortAudio error at Unable to open streams: Illegal error number".

Test on Mac: I'll try to remember to do this when I reboot my laptop.

FreeSwitch is no service (AFAICS); it is an alternative to the Asterisk software. I have installed neither.