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Coccinella development

Tutorial: Facebook IM, IM, MySpace IM and Sametime support in 4 commits

A complete developer tutorial to add support for Facebook IM, IM, MySpace IM and Sametime to your instant messaging project:

Mats Bengtsson 1959 - 2008

Mats Bengtsson in Sweden

Mats Bengtsson, the founder of Coccinella, passed away on November 29, 2008. He was born in 1959 and had a very successful career in academics and specifically in his field of interest, theoretical physics. Early in school he distinguished himself particularly in mathematics and he even produced his own math books in primary school when his teachers were not able to help him further on. He graduated at Lund university as an engineer, continued as a research student in theoretical physics and presented his doctoral thesis, ”Parton showers in a phenomenological context”, at the age of 28 years. He spent a post-doc period in Germany (Aachen), but previously he had also been at the Cern laboratory.

Synchronized Releases and Greg Kroah-Hartman

Synchroneous swimming hippopotamuses
Credit: TiggerT, License: by-nc-nd

O'Reilly interviewed Greg Kroah-Hartman (log), the Linux kernel developer who founded the Linux Driver Project. The interview explains how the Linux Driver Project can support the weirdest Japanese USB devices, how Linux is being developed, why binary only kernel drivers are illegal, how a time-based release schedule benefits Linux, and how Greg thinks about synchronized releases. Although all these topics are interesting to read, I will restrict this blog post to the latter 2 of them.

Jabber is Confusing

Ladybug on grass
Credit: nutmeg66, License: by-nc-nd

'Jabber' is confusing, not only for Aunt Tilly, but even for geeks:

Cisco announced today that it has acquired Jabber, an open-source IM and presence protocol used by Google Talk and Gizmo, for an undisclosed sum.

Cisco didn’t get ‘’ the open-source server on the XMPP protocol,[..].

Jabber is an application that we use throughout our office and is one helluva an IM.

Any news on keeping Jabber Open source?

Translate Coccinella 0.96.10

Do you want to translate the upcoming Coccinella 0.96.10, planned for September 24th? Do you want to update any of the existing translations? Or do you just want to see which languages are ranking best? Then read on.


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