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error can´t read elem(photo type) File->Edit bussines card

hello sander ;-)
When i click on File->Edit bussines card
(cosmetic bug: when I show this dialog and click again on File->Edit bu.... dialog is showing again, maybe it is nonmodal)
i will not fill any information (or some) and click on Save i obtained this error:
error : can´t read elem(photo_type) : no such elemnt in array


Cosmetic bug reported here:

I can't reproduce the second bug though. Can you give more information? Did you set an avatar in the business card? What's the size of that avatar? What are the dimensions? What format? What is your Jabber server? (jabberd2 had issues with avatars in the past AFAIR) Maybe you can post the full error?

No I have not any avatar (by choosing me, i don´t know maybe in registration my jabber account i obtained automaticaly, i really don´t know i am jabber beginer :o) )

full information about bug:

can't read "elem(photo_type)": no such element in array
can't read "elem(photo_type)": no such element in array
while executing
"::Jabber::JlibCmd avatar set_data $elem(photo_binval) $elem(photo_type)"
(procedure "SyncAvatar" line 8)
invoked from within
"SyncAvatar $token "
(procedure "::VCard::SetVCard" line 6)
invoked from within
"::VCard::SetVCard ::VCard::2"
invoked from within
" invoke "
invoked from within
" instate {pressed !disabled} { state !pressed; invoke } "
(command bound to event)

Your server is right?

right :)

I can't reproduce the bug here, but here is th report:

yes when i create my account on i was obtained an avater with blue head.....
wen i deleted my avatar, error is going out ;-)

It should be fixed now