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Newbie questions

Hi all:

Completely new to this, I have some questions about this program.

Can I use it with my MSN account ??
Everytime it asks me for a server.What server do I have to enter ??
Do I have to create a new account for coccinella ??

tks for yr support


You need a Jabber account first. Look here for instructions: Register New Account.

To add your MSN contacts you can look at next tutorial. Although, it's for AIM you can just replace AIM with MSN. It should be obvious. But first you need to register an account as I said above. --> Add AIM Contact.

Well I managed to get a jabber account but everytime I enter name and passwrod I get the following error:

ERROR: Can't read "state(elem,password)": no such element in array !!!

What's that suppoosed to mean ??

The only way I can see this happen is when the registration form don't have a password element. This is nothing I can reproduce with this sparse info. I have nevertheless modified code so that it least wont produce a bug, but is unclear of side effects. See "daily builds". I need some more info like server, and also xml output from Info/Debug.

server is

is this what you need ??

To register with the server, please go to its web-site.

SEND: hilfer
RECV: hilferRegistration not allowed. See

SEND: well, I dont know why but when I copy and paste de report it wont show at final post message !! only a part of the report can be seen !!!

ok, it seems to be an issue with that particular server (it does not support in-band registration). Do you really need to use If not, try instead. That will work better. If you want to use the account, start the wizard instead and enter your details.

Ok working great with