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Whiteboard images not working

Coccinella works fine apart from importing images into a whiteboard session. I am trying this with a friend and neither of us can get this to work. I am using Windows XP with Windows firewall turned off but with Comodo firewall running. I have allowed Coccinella access to all ports through my firewall and I have a Cable Modem with no NAT (I have also tried it with Comodo turned off). My friend has a Router and has forwarded all three ports for both TCP and UDP to hi local static IP:
He is running Debian. We did have images working once but we were both on the same LAN at the time, now that we are not, it no longer works. We have both tried turning on the NAT option in the preferences but still the images do not show up, on either side.

This is driving us both completely nuts!
Please, please, please try to give some explicit information about what ports and protocols need to be open to make images in the whiteboard work. Neither of us are new to computers or the internet but we just can't get this to work.
Please help.
P.S I do not mean to be rude but your FAQ is not very helpful.


P.S I do not mean to be rude but your FAQ is not very helpful.

Feedback is always welcome. Anyway, most parts of the FAQ are already very old (several years without much updates). Do you have any practical suggestions about how the FAQ can be improved?

How about an entry on correct NAT and Firewall configuration to allow Whiteboard images to work. Coccinella needs to be fully documented, a beginners how to on setting up the application would be a good start. Can you answer my question about the Whiteboard images please?

It is likely to be some kind of NAT/firewall issue but I'm far from being an expert on this. In fact, I don't know how to configure my own router.
In my code I find:
set prefs(remotePort) 8235
which is the one used for whiteboard file transfers.

When I run whiteboards on my LAN it works OK. The long term fix for this is to switch to jabber/xmpp native file transports which are likely to work better.
My plan is to do this when I switch to SVG graphics, see some shots at:

Sorry that this wasn't much of help, Mats