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Sharing imported whiteboard images not working

First, coccinella is awesome!!
But, imported images are not being mirrored on the other clients. It seems to be related
to the progress/status of the transferred image file.

I'm using coccinella 0.96.12 installed from fedora repo and running on fedora 11. The xmpp server is openfire 3.6.4. The firewalls and selinux is turned off on both servers which reside on the same network.

The problem I'm seeing is that when importing an image into the whiteboard, it shows up on the local whiteboard and I see a popup saying "Writing File: blabla" on other coccinella client's but the progress remains at 0 and never progresses. Further, the image never shows up on the other client's whiteboard. Other drawling updates do get replicated on the other client's whiteboard. I don't think this is a network problem because peer-to-peer file transfers work. Also, the image file does get transferred to the other client. I know this because the /home/jortel/.coccinella/Incoming directory contains the transferred image file. So, it seem like everything works but coccinella doesn't know the image file transfer has completed.

The error log has no errors.

I would really appreciate any help on this.



This bug should be fixed in the development version. You can try tomorrow's daily build to verify the bugfix. Next Coccinella release will include this fix.

More information: Bug #420716