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Whiteboard history


If two users are working on a whiteboard session they can both see each others work without any problems whatsoever. But, if a third user later joins that whiteboard session, s/he will only see what is being worked on from the moment s/he joined in. That is, s/he will not be able to see what the other two users have been working on prior to s/he joining in.

Is this an intended behaviour when whiteboarding? Would it be possible for a new user to join a whiteboard session and see the content which already exists within it? If so, is it a case of re-configuring Coccinella or the XMPP server which is hosting the whiteboard session?

Our setup is:

Openfire server on Ubuntu linux server.
Coccinella 0.9.18 on Windows XP clients.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!




The whiteboard session is independent from the server.
As far as I know, there is no option in coccinella that can be set to make it do what you want.

However, you may open a wishlist here, describing what you want:

I haven't digged yet that much in the whiteboard code, so it will probably not being implemented soonish.


Just checking the bugs database, I found this already there: